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I have chosen a life of serving in different respects, and I am proud of that.  I am honored to be a U.S. Army Veteran, former law enforcement, prior security contractor, and community volunteer.  I have always felt a bit of a calling to service in one form or another. Today, I am in my senior year of my Baccalaureate of Science in Information Technology with Specialization in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics. I am honored to serve as Student Government President of Daytona State College and Region 3 Coordinator of the Florida College System Student Government Association. Using the discipline and tenacity instilled by my former professions, I returned to college after a long hiatus, to find my azimuth in the next leg of my journey through life.

My father learned computers back when the abacus was the only personal computing device around, so I was fortunate to grow up around computers and networking. I remember the blue screen of DOS Edit and having to run a .exe from the command line to start Windows. It was only natural that I kept computers as a close hobby all of these years and now, am returning to the world of academia to formalize my education in Information Technology.

Thoughts on IT Skills

Quirky network engineers hiding away in locked rooms and cordoned off cubicles is the stuff of yesteryear.

Today's IT Staff Must Be Dual Qualified

IT professionals must be liaisons between users and technology, able to document the problem, process, and solution so anyone in the organization can understand it.

Big Data Isn't Just for Sales or Marketing

Organizations are finding use for predictive analytics in business processes, logistics, human resources, and more. Big data is becoming useful for all facets of the business world.


To be a leader, one must have followers. Successful leaders inspire others to follow through innovation and hard work; they lead by example. Other leaders force subordinates to follow through authoritarianism. 

Big data analytics provides us the information necessary to predict our next move in the game of Frogger on the Information Superhighway

Big Data: What is it?

There was a time when data was talked about in terms of bytes on a regular basis. Today big data is mined in the Petabyte or even Exabyte territory.

The variety of sources that is data-mined determines accuracy of the data set. A multitude of variety of sources ensures the trend or predictions are made from the reliable data set.

Accuracy of big data analytics depends on the sample rate of the data. Trends in data are impacted in real time, therefore we must mine in real time for accurate predictive analytics.

Volume, Variety, and Velocity make up the generally accepted 3Vs of Big Data. One of the commonly overlooked facets of the data we mine is yet another V which stands for Value. The availability of data does not necessarily make it valuable to the organizations future.  Some could even argue that without value, the data being mined is simply a drain on organizational resources.

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